I am Guilty of Global Warming

No, this post is not about "certain" CO2 emissions! I would never write about that!

Seriously though, this post digresses from my niche posts of books because I want to show my support for the Mumbai Unplug initiative. I have plenty of reasons not to do it;

"Yahan pe to hamesha batti gul hoti hai, ek aur ghanta kisliye? (Lights go off all the time, why do we need one more hour?)". - Doesn't happen that often where I stay, but since it happens often enough in the rest of the country.

"I'm anyways not at home at that time, so I don't particularly need to do anything."

"What Global Warming shorming! Changes in the environment will keep happening." - I do believe in Global Warming as an unfortunate phenomena, but I am slightly doubtful about its apocalyptic flavor.

"Just a few people locally cannot make a difference, what we need is the government to do something." - This one is my favorite.

But seeing the enthusiasm in our community, I thought, why not do something for once. After all doesn't hurt to conserve a little regardless of what your stand on Global Warming is. Not to mention the many slip-ups I'm guilty of;

There are 3 plastic bags floating around in just 1 room right now..
Not using the microwave/cell phone charger/laptop charger/geyser right this moment, but they are all on...
Water is running in the sink tap while my cook is busy with something else...
TV is on while I'm on the laptop...

Anyways.. you get the point. I do need a lesson in conservation. Besides, I wouldn't want future generations to suffer because of my wasteful habits. So am going to use this opportunity and take an early New Year resolution to turn it off, one hour at a time.


Joey Marzo said...

I agree with you on that one. There are many things that can be done, but there are not many who follow them. I think I am one of many who contributes to the problem of global warming. I contribute to so much waste in the environment. I have to clean up my act. This post is very encouraging.

Swati said...

I couldn't agree more with you. It is so very hard to change old habits, and yet that's what each of us is required to do. Every morning I walk into the Dean's office and pour myself a cup of coffee. That's 5 cups a week, 20 a month, 240 styrofoam cups a year just from me! So starting Dec 10 I brought in my regular porcelain cup in, and am trying very hard to not use styrofoam cups anymore. Baby steps. The hybrid Prius is next heh heh.

chica said...

haa haa! That is so true, I used to do that too.. Maybe the solution is to not go to work :) That will save you from buying the Prius too.

fangchu said...

Hi Swati, even our indigenous Reva is pretty neat.

Nice post Chica..


EK said...

I am trying too. Before, when going for shopping I used to come back home carrying infinite number of plastic bags. Now I have bought a 'bag for life'. Well, it is one thing buying it and another using it:-D Sometimes I completely forget to take this precious bag!!:-D It is a start anyway, right? That was a nice post. BTW Thanks for the comment in my blog..

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