What Should I Read Next?

Don't know what to read next? Maybe this will help you..
What Should I Read Next?
Type in an author/title of the genre you'd like to read and it'll give you suggestions. A very basic one-dimensional look up I think. It might give better results if you register and enter more books of your liking.

Want to browse through the current bestsellers? These lists are generated based on retail sales in US on a weekly/monthly basis.

An amazing list of books that may have missed the bestseller lists but are noteworthy, from the folks at NPR, Critics Lists Summer 2007.

For a peek at what India is buying, check out the Crossword Bestsellers.

Or you could be part of the growing social networking sites for the bookworms. Set up your bookshelf, review books, see what your friends are currently reading.
  • Goodreads. You'll find authors on this too.
  • Shelfari. It has widgets for your website and a Facebook application.
Keep on reading!


Paul said...

Have enjoyed exploring your blog and will be coming back regularly. The 'What Should I Read Next?' link will prove useful for helping students choose their next title---thanks. I was interested by your review of Haruki Murakami's 'South of the Border' (I haven't read this book, but am generally very fond of his writing) and enjoy the quality of comment you provide. Again, thanks.

Self Confessed Walkover said...

The 'What Should I Read Next' website looks great!

Your blog is really good and I've enjoyed my first foray into it. I look forward to doing more browsing on here.

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