Confessions Of A Shopaholic : Sophie Kinsella

Confessions of a Shopaholic was just the book to get me over a book hangover. It is a quick and funny read.

The book follows Rebecca Bloomwood who is deep in debt solely because of her shopping excesses. Her weak and naive attempts at controlling her shopaholic nature have as much success as... as doing yoga while gorging on potato chips would. The irony of all, she is a financial journalist writing for Successful Savings magazine. Sure the book is quite predictable, but that doesn’t take away from the entertainment of watching her stumble through tricky situations and come out clean. Makes me wish I was a character in a book.

Bridget Jones Diary is a personal favorite and I found myself comparing the two, and Confessions lagged behind. However, if you want to read something in this genre, then pick it up. But be warned it is not for the weak-hearted(read weak-walleted). All the shopping expeditions... made me feel like I just spent a bomb at a mall.


Jack Payne said...

Sounds much like the Steve Martin book (can't recall the title; right after Shopgirl) about the obsessive / compulsive. Very funny situations.

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Kasthu said...

I LOVE this book (and its follow-ups, I'm currently reading Sopie Kinsella's latest, Remember Me?). I'm so glad you wrote a review of it!

Josette said...

I'm not really a chick lit fan but this book was really funny even though Becky Bloomwood appear dumb at times. The Shopaholic books are easy to read and a also a great way to relax.

My review.

Shona said...

I liked all the books in this series. They were fun and kinda addictive. Nice review. Have u read Kinsella's Remember Me?

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