How To Write Your Next Bestseller

If you've been pressed for time to write your bestseller about the correlation between Chillies and the Emerging Power of Bland Truths in Business Markets, there's Wired to help you get started.
Wired's Big-Idea Book Generator is a laugh out loud take on the bestsellers in the market.

If the similarity in these books strikes you as curious, read up the article. Might make it more clear for you.

There seems to be an odd affinity for all things food in these books, doesn't it?
Or maybe not?

P.S: That thing about the chillies and business markets may not sound like much, but its a beginning!


Paul said...

An amusing article. Thanks for highlighting it and providing the link.


Swati said...

omigosh that article on wired is funny! Way cool.

Jack Payne said...

Timely tips for the ill-informed.

EK said...

Glad that I could be of help:-) Hope to see you soon! Happy New Year!

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