Science Fiction becomes Reality!

This is so cool, almost like Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker Guide!

Amazon has released a new product Kindle, an electronic book!

What I loooove about it;

  • would be great for school, no reason to carry textbooks around, if you have all your books on it.
  • great portability for travel. No carrying around different map books, guide books.
  • aah.. search!! How I would love to be able to search through my books!
  • Dictionary AND Wikipedia access.
  • no waiting for the snail mail to bring in your fortnightly TimeOut, three days late!
  • and I could go on....
What I don't like about it;
  • price : its $399!!!
  • price
  • need I say price again!
It sounds amazing! I don't think it will threaten print books. Nothing can take away the joy of collecting books, seeing all your books in the bookcase, gifting books, the smell of paper (yes, I love the smell of new books !) and so much more that we get from the physicality of books. Or will it?


anita & amit said...

sorry to use this as a message board again, chica, but i just got your comment on my new post and lost it immediately when i deleted my post by mistake! cold you re-send it? sorry! i do have the text if you want it so you don't have to think up the whole thing again! write to me at aninair 10 at hotmail dot com. thenkyu, thenkyu!

Aki said...

There is some talk around how this device might be redundant with newer cellphones like the iPhone, blackberries etc easily allowing people to do pretty much whatever the Kindle does - plus they can make calls as well. As you rightly point out - for the price tag I could easily buy a cool iPhone! They should mark it down so that it becomes more appealing - perhaps a $100 price tag - I wont be surprised if within a few months they price cut this item, if not deprecate it alltogether! Its got some cool integration features with Amazon, remains to be seen if Amazon eventually opens up to other device vendors to enable them to tap into this e-book format of theirs, which will invariably dilute the value proposition of the Kindle.

Meghna said...

Hi Chica,
This sounds great but is too costly! Hope they reduce the price. But I think books are better than this. however heavy they make our luggage they always have a different fun to read!
keep blogging as I'll keep visiting!

Swati said...

I cannot agree more with you about the importance of the physicality of a book. But man this sounds good. It probably has a much bigger screen than the iphone - the one positive I can see over other products. It is expensive, so the only person on my xmas list who deserves this is ME. Heh heh.

Dewey said...

But $399 is only 16 new hardcovers. I rarely buy new hardcovers, but for those who do so frequently, it's probably a good deal.

Still, like you, I want paper books, even though I am a Lorax and love the trees.

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