Book Launch : Arrack In The Afternoon by Mathew Menacherry

Looking forward to the release of my friend, Mathew Menacherry's book; Arrack In The Afternoon. Here's the synopsis;

Arrack in the Afternoon is a satire set in modern-day Mumbai, which deals with one man’s search for meaning and fulfilment, and how this is subverted by the mores and rigors of the metropolis, the metaphoric “Big City” in which he lives.

The protagonist, Verghese Konnikara, is the quintessential loser, a chronically depressed alcoholic, who decides one day to end it all by throwing himself under a truck on the highway.

Fate however and his own lack of resolve conspire to save him, and then, following a convoluted series of events, he finds himself cast in the role of a godman, a new-age spiritualist who is avidly sought after by some of the most powerful people in the country.

Other characters in the novel include Patricia Murphy, Verghese’s Indo-Irish girlfriend who owns the liquor adda that he frequents, Pillaichan, an ex-commie turned petite bourgeois and Verghese’s closest friend, and Karan Sarin, former pimp turned porn film producer who sees Verghese as an easy means to wealth and power.

The book traces a lurid path through the underbelly of the metropolis and delves into the phenomenon of instant fame, which is now such an integral part of our celebrity culture.

If you'd like to take a peek, check out chapter one.

It's set in Mumbai, so its a definite buy for me! And knowing Mathew, I'm sure its going to be a highly entertaining read.


Anil P said...

Long time, no post!

Anonymous said...

This was precisely what I was seeking! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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